About Industrial Robotic Solutions

Industrial Robotic Solutions is a British software developer and integrator of cutting edge robotic vision and grasping solutions 

Backed by private equity investment from technology investor Shield Investment Management - IRS is focussed on the application of vision guided robotic picking and placing solutions for irregular, deformable and perishable objects that current robotic and automation machinery can not handle

Current IRS commissions are the picking and placing of deformable ceramic objects and the robotic harvesting of soft fruits.

The IRS R&D team includes some of the world’s leading vision, grasping and mechatronic scientists supported by a highly experienced engineering and management team with a strong record of integrating automated and robotic systems into industrial factories. 

Our solutions aim to increase factory productivity, worker health and safety whilst minimising the disruption to current operations.

The digital data within our systems can enhance, inform and interact with factory management systems by exchanging smart data on all aspects of manufacturing from products data, quality through to stock control and environmental data.