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The Exceptional People Behind the Company

Get to know the amazing people behind Industrial Robotic Solutions. We’ve built outstanding relationships with our customers, as we are always focused on providing exceptional service. Behind every successful business there’s a group of talented people, committed to success. Read all about our team below, and get in touch with questions.

Peter Schwabach


Peter Schwabach is CEO of Industrial Robotic Solutions and Chairman of the National Centre for Nuclear Robotics.  As an award winning private equity fund manager he has successfully applied robotic technologies to turn around UK engineering businesses in the Aerospace, Defence and Nuclear industries. A former Goldman Sachs investment Banker, Peter was educated at St. Paul’s School in London and holds a BA and MA (Hons) from Oriel College Oxford.

Dr. Klaus McDonald-Maier

Chief Technical Officer

Dr. Klaus MacDonald-Maier heads IRS's R&D team. He is a professor in the school of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering  at the University of Essex where he leads the embedded and Intelligent systems and Environment research Lab.

Dr Vishuu Mohan

Head of food technologies

Dr.  Vishuu Mohan leads IRS's food technology division. His expertise lies in the fields of vision-based robotic control 
for industrial robotics and human-robot interaction/collaborative manipulation. He is currently working on projects for robotic harvesting of soft fruits and the robotic transplanting of salads for a leading UK salad grower.


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